At some point in our lives we have all experienced financial pressure.  It is like a constant weight on our shoulders.  If you are a single mom or dad you wear several hats.  For example you’re both mommy and daddy.  You have to provide shoes, clothing, shelter, food, and those are just a few of the basics that are a must provide for our families.  That did not include name brand clothing or travel expenses.  Many of us have more bills than money.  Until we start taking control of our finances, we will always have a peter pay Paul mind concept, basically living pay check to pay check.  I was in that same rut.  My husband was laid off. I was the only one working, and I have a daughter in college, and 3 boys at home to support.  I felt like there was a heavy weight on my shoulders.  At some point you have to trust yourself, believe in yourself, because GOD believes in you.  You will need to take a leap of faith.  Put action into your plan and trust that it will work out.  We can change our mind, and we confirm the change by taking action, that’s builds confidence and character.  I became an Independent Marketing Consultant with Ambit Energy.  I’m taking control of my finances, and I’m putting action in my plan.  Check out this video . Once I watch the entire video, I knew that I could do this.  I have made up my mind, so can you.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Latrease Bedolla – Ambit Marketing Consultant

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