Being busy is no excuse for being broke.

Posted: April 24, 2013 in Opportunity

Being busy is no excuse for being broke.

There are many reasons why some people deny their potential.  Many say they have tried and failed.  Many are hurt because they’ve tried to pursue their dream, and that dream did not come to fruition.  Many are just afraid of the challenge.  Well, I say leave all that in the past.  Each day God blesses you to wake up, it is a day for a new beginning.  Faith is knowing it will happen, and belief is knowing that you will succeed no matter how hard the venture.  What ever your passion is, do not let it die.  The joy of being successful is knowing that you had some bumps in the road, but you did not quit.  Perseverance is a quality that we all have.  I say Quitting should never be an option.  My passion is helping others, and that is why I choose Ambit Energy as my way to help others. “The best way to motivate someone is to help them succeed”. -unknown

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