Posted: April 13, 2013 in Opportunity

Quitting should never be an option when the road gets hard.  Belief, and faith that you can accomplish anything should always have a place in your heart.  Take a moment to sit down and write out a “why” list.  Write out your “whys” on your list and as your writing, certain thoughts will come to mind about what you want to accomplish for yourself, or for your family.  Whatever your “why’s” are, never stop until you have accomplished what you need to.  As you grow in whatever it is you choose to do in order to complete your “why” list, place a check mark next to each item you wrote on your list.  It will give you the motivation to continue on.  I have a “why” list, and I look at them every day.  They are my inspiration, my drive to never give up.  My three boys.  Sometimes it seems like the road I’m traveling to get where I want to be is a long road. But the faith I have in GOD, and the belief he has placed in my heart tells me that I will get there sooner than I think  I really feel that I’m not walking the road alone.  God is with me and he definitely was not a quitter, so why should I.  Becoming an Independent Consultant with Ambit Energy will give me the freedom to live my life on my terms, and not by a time clock.

“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.” ~Unknown~

http://bit.ly/XNj85w Visit my Ambit Energy website to find out how you can save on your Energy and Natural gas bill. 

http://on.fb.me/10qQbLa Like me on Facebook or email me for more information

newenergy@hotmail.com or latreasebedolla@hotmail.com


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